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AirBnB To House Afghans Fleeing Kabul

According to the co-founder of AirBnB, there is still time for businesses to “speak out and support” Afghans affected by the present humanitarian catastrophe.

It comes after the accommodation platform pledged to give 20,000 migrants with free temporary housing.
So yet, just a few firms have provided assistance in the crisis, but Brian Chesky told the BBC that he expects more to feel “compelled” to do so.

“I believe that virtually every firm can contribute in some manner,” he added.

“And the moment is now – it’s not only about helping, it’s about helping fast, because every hour matters when people are displaced and need to be relocated.”

The relocation of individuals escaping the Taliban, according to the tech boss, is “the biggest humanitarian issue of our time.”

He couldn’t specify how long refugees will be permitted to remain with AirBnB hosts, just that it “truly depends on how long our hosts can shelter them as well as the need.”

“Most of these folks aren’t seeking for long-term housing; they’re searching for a place to stay temporarily while they figure out where they want to live,” he explained.

“And there’s a very lengthy procedure for working with settlement agencies to figure out where they truly want to start their life… but you know, I want to make sure we can go as large as possible for these folks.”

Since the Taliban terrorists gained control of Afghanistan, AirBnB has hosted around 200 Afghan refugees in its listed apartments, raising doubts about whether it would be able to meet its 20,000-strong target.

Mr Chesky, on the other hand, said that during the epidemic, the company was able to provide housing for 225,000 frontline employees.

“We would not have made a public pledge that we did not believe we could keep,” he added.

The refugees will be hosted by AirBnB hosts across the world and will be thoroughly verified by the company’s NGO partners, including the International Rescue Committee and Church World Service.

After someone on the UK’s no-fly list was flown into Birmingham over the weekend, security concerns over the evacuation of Kabul have arisen.

Mr. Chesky encouraged potential hosts to take advantage of the opportunity, adding, “When you welcome someone into your house, you sometimes gain as much as the person you’re hosting.”

“There’s simply something about being able to care for a family that we’ve heard is one of the most significant experiences in people’s life.”



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