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Amazon Online Limits Plan B Purchases After Demand Spike

In response to a surge in demand following the Supreme Court’s decision to terminate federal abortion rights, Amazon is restricting consumers to three units of emergency contraception tablets each week, the firm said to CNBC.

Plan B and Aftera purchases are similarly restricted at other pharmacies; at CVS and Rite Aid, consumers are only allowed to purchase three tablets each. The businesses claim that there is a sufficient supply of the medications but that they are working to maintain them constantly stocked. If used after unprotected intercourse, the medications, sometimes known as the morning-after pill, can prevent pregnancy.

Users may only choose a quantity of three for Plan B on the Amazon However, the website now offers the option to choose up to 30 units of My Choice, a different type of emergency contraception.

People told The New York Times that they were storing up on the morning after pill in the wake of the Supreme Court decision last week overturning Roe v. Wade. Texas resident Chrissy Bowen told The New York Times, “I’m doing this because abortion won’t be available anymore and I’m scared that this kind of contraception soon won’t be either.”

These medications have a lengthy shelf life; Plan B, for instance, has a four-year shelf life when properly maintained in a cold, dry environment.

Joe Wallace
Joe Wallace
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