Home Business Amazon Workers at NYC Warehouse File Petition to Unionize

Amazon Workers at NYC Warehouse File Petition to Unionize

Amazon Workers at NYC Warehouse File Petition to Unionize
Source: Fortune

According to the Amazon Labor Union, workers at a second Amazon warehouse on Staten Island in New York City have petitioned the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to join a union.

The organization announced on Twitter that it has submitted an electronic petition for workers at the LDJ5 facility to vote in a union election. However, NLRB spokesman Kayla Blado said the board had not yet received the petition as of Wednesday afternoon.

After the NLRB found it had “reached a sufficient showing of interest” to hold an election, the ALU, which is made up of present and former Amazon workers, is pushing through with unionization at the company’s JFK8 warehouse on Staten Island. The NLRB has scheduled a hearing for February 16th, after which the election date will be set.

The ALU has been attempting to organize Amazon workers in New York City for some time; in October, it submitted a petition with the NLRB to hold an election, but later withdrew the request due to a lack of signatures from workers. The ALU re-filed their appeal in December, this time for just the JFK8 workers, who had staged many worker walkouts during the epidemic.

It’s been a busy month for Amazon workers wanting to unionize; on Friday, employees at the company’s Bessemer, Alabama warehouse will have another chance to vote on whether or not to join the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU). After a first vote against the union in April, the NLRB ruled that Amazon had tampered with the voting process and ordered a new election.