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Apple Will Halt Sales and Restrict Services in Russia

Apple Will Halt Sales and Restrict Services in Russia
Source: BuzzFeed News

In a mounting business response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Apple has become the latest big company to suspend all product sales in the nation.

The iPhone maker expressed “great concern” about the Russian incursion and expressed solidarity with anyone “suffering as a result of the bloodshed.”

Apple Pay, as well as other services like Apple Maps, have been restricted.

Google has also excluded Russian state-funded news organizations like RT from its search results.

According to Russian news agency RIA, mobile banking apps in Russian, such as Russia’s VTB Bank’s app, may soon cease to work entirely on smartphones using Apple’s iOS operating system.

As a “safety and precautionary step for Ukrainian people,” Apple banned both traffic and live occurrences on Apple Maps in Ukraine, according to a statement.

Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov sent an open letter to Apple on Twitter last week, requesting that Russia be shut off from Apple’s goods, services, and App Store.

Previously, Google barred Russian government-funded news organizations from advertising tools and services on YouTube.

In a blog post, the corporation stated, “We are dedicated to complying with all sanctions obligations and we continue to follow the newest guidelines.”

Google Pay has also been restricted in the nation, according to the BBC, for individuals who use sanctioned banks. Google Pay, on the other hand, has not been blocked in Russia.

“Most of our services (such as Search, Maps, and YouTube) continue to be available in Russia,” Google added, “continuing to enable access to global information and opinions.”

Meanwhile, Nokia, a Finnish network equipment manufacturer, announced that it will halt exports to Russia in order to comply with sanctions imposed after the invasion of Ukraine.

Netflix also stated on Monday that it had “no intentions” to introduce government-run channels to its Russian service. It was obliged by Russian rules to broadcast 20 free-to-air news, sports, and entertainment channels across the nation.

Nike, the American sportswear company, has likewise halted sales in Russia. Due to the company’s inability to ensure delivery of products to Russia, purchases made online and through the app were inaccessible in Russia, according to an update on the company’s website.

The online update, on the other hand, referred buyers to the nearest Nike shop.

On Tuesday, the world’s two largest shipping companies, Danish Maersk and Geneva-based MSC, both banned container transport to and from the nation. In its new restrictions, the United Kingdom has also restricted ships from entering Russia.

Russia, which provides a sixth of the world’s goods, will be shut off from a large portion of the maritime trade.

Harley-Davidson has likewise halted operations and delivery of their motorcycles to Russia.

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Boeing Co said on Tuesday that it was halting parts, maintenance, and technical assistance for Russian airlines, as well as key activities in Moscow.