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Apple’s AR / VR Headset Could Release in January

Apple’s AR / VR Headset Could Release in January
Source: Mashable

According to renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s long-rumored mixed reality headgear, which is said to combine augmented and virtual reality experiences, would “likely ship” in January 2023. The headgear is “the most sophisticated device Apple has ever created,” according to a recent analyst report seen by 9to5Mac, but its debut might spur “rapid growth” in the market for head-mounted displays.

Although Kuo has made similar projections in the past, those earlier ones had far larger delivery dates for Apple’s headgear. He previously anticipated that the headset may be delivered sometime in 2022 (which now appears implausible), and just last month he claimed that it might happen somewhere in the second quarter of 2019. Although specifying a specific month is a strong sign of confidence from the analyst, it doesn’t ensure a January announcement (Apple’s plans might alter or Kuo’s supply chain sources could be erroneous).

Additionally, it corresponds with a lot of rumored activity inside Apple around the headgear. Early in May, the company’s board of directors allegedly checked out the headgear. References to the headset’s RealityOS software have also lately been hinted to by Apple CEO Tim Cook and have been found in Apple’s source code and trademark filings.

Over the years, a lot of sources have sought to explain Apple’s enigmatic headgear. According to a recent article in The Information, it will purportedly be able to function independently without being connected to a computer and might have up to 14 cameras to monitor its movements. Although it’s unknown if the headset’s battery would be worn on the user’s body or integrated into the device itself, it will allegedly contain an internal CPU with processing capability comparable to M1 processors seen in current Macs.

According to 9to5Mac, Kuo expects Apple’s major rival Meta to back off as the company prepares to make a significant impression in the mixed reality headset market. In order to concentrate on its advertising business, Kuo anticipates the firm formerly known as Facebook will reduce its near-term investment in VR gear. That’s despite Meta recently showcasing a variety of prototype VR headsets it’s working on.