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Burger King mistakenly emails everyone a blank receipt in US

A blank order email receipt was just sent to thousands of Burger King customers. Burger King customers are unsure whether the company has been compromised by a ravenous hacker trying a midnight feast or if the blank emails are just a huge whopper of an error. The blank emails first started appearing at around 12:15AM ET.

Some Twitter users even reported receiving two Burger King emails in an apparent double whopper of a mistake as they quickly turned to the social network in a state of perplexity about the blank emails. The order emails, which were issued from Burger King’s primary promotional email account, are entirely blank.

We’ve contacted Burger King to find out why these sporadic emails about midnight burgers are being sent out, but there are no immediate signs that there has been a breach. It may just be a system change gone bad that sent blank orders to Burger King’s entire marketing database because many of the recipients of the emails don’t even recall setting up a Burger King account.

In any case, we’ll inform you as soon as we hear back from the recipient of the whopper emails.

Joe Wallace
Joe Wallace
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