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Chris Noth Has Been Accused of Several Sexual Assaults

According to a report released on Thursday, actor Chris Noth has been accused of sexually assaulting two women in separate encounters in 2004 and 2015.

The Hollywood Reporter hid the women’s identities in order to preserve their privacy, according to the trade journal, which instead utilized pseudonyms.

The meetings were consensual, according to Noth, 67, who appeared in “Sex and the City” and appears briefly in its recently released sequel, “And Just Like That….”

“The allegations leveled against me by people I met years, if not decades, ago are totally false. “These tales may have been 30 years ago or 30 days ago – no always means no — that is a boundary I did not cross,” Noth told the Reporter in a statement.

“It’s tough not to be suspicious about the timing of these revelations. I’m not sure why they’re appearing now, but one thing is certain: I did not abuse these women,” he stated.

A request for response from Noth’s PR was not returned. An attempt to contact an attorney identified as representing him was unsuccessful.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the two women contacted the outlet months apart. The resurgence of Noth’s “Sex and the City” character, a man-about-town called Mr. Big, “triggered something off in me” and drove her to go public with “who he is,” according to one, who goes by the moniker Zoe.

She requested anonymity because she works in the entertainment sector and was afraid of repercussions if her identity was revealed.

In the first episode of “And Just Like That…”, Noth’s character dies of a heart attack after a strenuous exercise on a Peloton cycle. With a commercial featuring Noth, the bikemaker mocked the episode’s attention, but the spot was deleted on Thursday when the Reporter’s report was published.

According to police Sgt. Hector Guzman, the Los Angeles Police Department investigated if there was an active investigation regarding Noth after receiving media requests. According to sheriff’s Capt. Richard Ruiz, the special victims bureau of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department similarly has no outstanding investigations.

In 2004, when Zoe was 22, she claims she was molested in Noth’s Los Angeles residence. According to the newspaper, she met Noth because he did business with the firm where she worked.

Zoe was taken to Cedars-Sinai hospital, where she informed officials she’d been assaulted and was treated for an injury, according to a friend. Police were contacted, according to the buddy, who isn’t named in the tale, but Zoe refused to disclose her assailant to them.

According to the tale, Zoe notified her then-boss, who was not identified, about the incident later that day but begged to keep it hidden. Zoe sought treatment at a rape crisis center in January 2006, which the institution verified to the Reporter while keeping the facts confidential.

The other woman, Lily, now 31, a writer, said she met Noth in 2015 when she was 25 and working as a waitress at a now-closed New York nightclub’s VIP section. When Noth unexpectedly started intercourse with her, she cried and felt “violated.”

A distressed Lily contacted a friend, whom the Reporter named as Alex, and told her that Noth had “quite aggressively” had sex with her in his flat, according to Alex. Alex stated she turned down her mother’s recommendation to contact the cops.

Lily stated to the magazine that she had no recollection of the call.

Noth allegedly referred to “our night last week” in messages exchanged with Lily and seen by the Reporter, calling it “a lot of fun” and adding, “I wasn’t entirely sure how you felt.”

According to the newspaper, Lily replied that she “definitely enjoyed” his presence but “felt bit exploited.” She stated that she had put a stop to his attempts to meet with her.

Actress Zoe Lister-Jones, who worked with Noth on a “Law & Order” series where she was a guest star, responded to the charges with a scathing online post.

“Last week, a buddy asked me how I felt about Mr. Big’s death on And Just Like That,” she wrote. “I told him it was because I couldn’t tell the actor from the guy, and the man is a sexual predator,” I said.

During one of the takes, Lister-Jones went down to sniff her neck and murmured, “‘You smell good.'”

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Brian Cooper
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