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Code in the Netflix app suggests the ad-supported version could entail a severe drawback

I’m sorry to say that you were mistaken if you assumed that ad-supported Netflix would simply be the usual service with occasional commercial interruptions. Developer Steve Moser found some wording in the Netflix app’s code and shared it with Bloomberg, suggesting that Netflix would only allow offline downloading for its ad-free subscription levels.

There are now three levels on Netflix. You may watch TV on one screen at a time and receive standard definition material for $9.99 a month. For $14.99 per month, you may watch on two screens simultaneously in HD. You must pay $19.99 if you want to stream anything in UHD (4K and HDR). Also possible is simultaneous viewing on four displays.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Netflix would think about restricting offline downloading to subscribers to the ad-free tier of the service. Ad-supported tiers are designed to be a gateway tier that provides users a sample at a lesser price, according to co-CEO Ted Sarandos, who stated earlier this year that they wouldn’t have all the same material as the ad-free one. Additionally, placing advertisements on offline material is challenging. It’s a challenging task, but not an impossibility. In addition, Netflix already hides content behind paywalls that ought to be commonplace.

However, Netflix has never considered offline downloading to be a benefit. When Netflix eventually started enabling offline downloading in 2016, Sarandos told CNBC that it was done so to benefit developing nations where Wi-Fi was unreliable. Netflix had previously been late to offline watching at the time. You could download content from Amazon Prime that you wanted to view later for years. One may presume that those who have not yet joined Netflix do so for reasons other than cost, such as sporadic internet.

Microsoft declared itself to be Netflix’s advertising technology and sales partner in July, essentially providing the necessary infrastructure to deliver adverts on the new tier. It’s anticipated that Netflix’s new ad-supported tier would debut in 2023. We have contacted Netflix for comment and will provide an update if we do.

Joe Wallace
Joe Wallace
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