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Discord is Back Online After Two-Hour Outage

Discord is Back Online After Two-Hour Outage
Source: Tech Crunch

Many Discord users were unable to connect to the messaging software on Wednesday afternoon due to a major outage. Users were unable to join calls or participate in text conversations when the outage began approximately 2:45 p.m. ET.

The official Discord Twitter account stated, “We are presently investigating a broad API outage and are attempting to repair this ASAP.” The problem has since been rectified, as the account tweeted at 5:19 p.m. ET, “connection should be completely restored now.”

The gaming community uses Discord extensively, with 150 million monthly active users. The most recent outage seems to affect the majority of customers, with several complaints of problems connecting to the site.

“We have totally eliminated all rate constraints and Discord is virtually back to normal,” a notification on its status page read after the disruption ended. “Some Discord servers may continue to encounter some difficulty engaging with bots utilizing slash commands during the next hour,” it said. We needed to minimize demand on our databases and turn down various sections of our slash command system as part of fixing the situation.”

The last time Discord went down was in November, when Google Cloud troubles created issues with the messaging software. On Discord’s status page, this current outage is labeled as a “serious outage,” and it’s evident that it has brought the service completely offline for the majority of users.

Over the last three years, Discord has been discreetly developing its own bot-based app platform, and it aims to launch a new app discovery function in the spring. Bots are a significant component of the Discord experience, with bots being used on more than 30% of Discord servers.