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Ecuador States Vaccination is Now Mandatory

Ecuador States Vaccination is Now Mandatory
Source: RLS

Ecuador has made the Covid-19 vaccination obligatory for the majority of its inhabitants, citing an increase in infections and the proliferation of variations such as Omicron as justifications.

There were enough pills to “immunize the whole population,” according to the health ministry. Those who have a valid medical reason will be excluded.

Everyone above the age of five must be immunized.

To date, 77.2 percent of those who are eligible have received two doses.

A booster injection has also been given to almost 900,000 patients.

Vaccines, according to the government, act as a “shield of protection” against the virus, preventing major sickness, hospitalizations, and fatalities.

The judgment was made in accordance with the country’s constitution, which stipulates that the state must protect the right to health.

Other nations considering a similar step include Austria and Germany.

Ecuador has previously passed legislation requiring immunization certificates in public areas such as restaurants, movies, theaters, and shopping malls.

It has also implemented travel restrictions to attempt to stem the spread of Omicron, a viral type that looks to be more infectious but milder than other strains.

The government has documented 33,600 Covid-related fatalities since the outbreak began.