Home Business Elon Musk Announces He Will Reverse Donald Trump’s Twitter Ban

Elon Musk Announces He Will Reverse Donald Trump’s Twitter Ban

Elon Musk Announces He Will Reverse Donald Trump’s Twitter Ban
Source: NBC

Elon Musk claims that if his attempt to acquire Twitter is successful, he will lift Donald Trump’s Twitter ban.

Last month, the world’s richest man agreed to a $44 billion (£34.5 billion) acquisition proposal with the Twitter board of directors.

However, he stated that it was not finalized and that it will be completed in the following two to three months.

Mr Musk told the Financial Times Future of the Car symposium that Twitter’s move to block the former US president was “morally incorrect and flat-out foolish.”

Following the assault of the Capitol in January 2021, Twitter claimed Mr Trump’s account was “permanently disabled… due to the possibility of additional instigation of violence.”

“I would revoke the permanent ban,” the Tesla owner added, “but I don’t control Twitter yet, so this isn’t something that will certainly happen.”

He claimed that while the ban had not silenced Mr Trump, it had increased his voice among the far right by forcing him to shift to his own Truth Social site.

Mr Trump has previously claimed that even if his account was reactivated, he would not return to Twitter.

Mr Musk stated that he had discussed the topic of shutting individuals out of their social media accounts in reaction to insulting comments with Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.

He remarked, “He and I are of the same idea that permanent bans should be exceedingly unusual and reserved for bots or scam accounts.”

If someone tweets anything “illegal or otherwise damaging to the globe,” Mr Musk believes the account should be temporarily suspended or the content rendered invisible.

He believes Twitter can gain greater trust by disclosing its algorithm and soliciting feedback on how to improve it.

Because of its roots in the San Francisco tech world, he argued the corporation had a strong left tilt and needed to be “more even-handed.”

He stated, “Victory would mean the extreme right 10%, and the far left 10% are equally outraged.”

Last week, a group of activists sent an open letter to Twitter advertisers, saying that under Mr Musk’s leadership, “Twitter risks becoming a sewer of disinformation, with your brand connected.”

In the United States, White House press secretary Jen Psaki stated that the Biden administration wants internet platforms to maintain free expression while also ensuring that they are not used to disseminate false information.

Mr Trump’s return to Twitter, Ms Psaki added, would be a choice for the private sector corporation to determine.