Home Business Elon Musk subpoenas Twitter founder Jack Dorsey ahead of court battle

Elon Musk subpoenas Twitter founder Jack Dorsey ahead of court battle

Elon Musk subpoenas Twitter founder Jack Dorsey ahead of court battle

As part of his legal dispute with the tech giant, Elon Musk has filed a lawsuit to get Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey to appear in court.

Mr. Musk is attempting to cancel his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter after complaining that the company didn’t provide him enough information on phony account numbers.

But in an effort to get Mr. Musk to purchase it, the social media platform is suing him.

In the absence of an early settlement between the parties, the matter will be tried in Delaware, US, in October.

Twitter expects that a court will instruct Mr. Musk, the wealthiest man in the world, to carry out the acquisition at the agreed-upon price of $54.20 per share.

However, as part of their preparations for the trial, Mr. Musk’s attorneys have contacted Mr. Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, a friend of theirs, in the hopes that he will lend credence to the Tesla CEO’s claim that the social media giant hasn’t been truthful about the number of phony accounts using its platform.

A subpoena is a legal writ or document that compels someone to appear in court or compels them to provide evidence in the form of records or documents.

The corporation sued the billionaire after he announced in July that he intended to back out of the purchase of Twitter.

Mr. Musk claimed that Twitter was hiding information about phony accounts, but the firm countered that these claims were just pretext for buyer’s remorse.

People who intended to invest in the agreement with Mr. Musk have received subpoenas from the website itself.

When Mr. Musk revealed his offer to purchase the firm in April, Mr. Dorsey, who had left his position as Twitter’s CEO in November of previous year, tweeted in favor of him, writing: “I only have faith in Elon as a single answer. I have faith in his effort to spread awareness.”

A US court decided last month that the trial for Twitter’s case against Mr. Musk should take place in October.

Earlier in August, Mr. Musk sold an additional 7.92 million Tesla shares for around $6.88 billion (£5.7 billion), claiming that he needed the cash in case he was required to acquire Twitter.

A third of visible Twitter accounts, according to Mr. Musk’s countersuit against Twitter, were false, according to his team’s evaluation. The researchers calculated that percentage to mean that at least 10% of daily active users are bots.

Leading bot researchers, however, have cast doubt on documents submitted by his legal team in his dispute with Twitter.

Less than 5% of Twitter’s daily active users, according to its estimation, are bot accounts.