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Facebook Blocks Both RT and Sputnik Pages in the EU, Amid Fears of Misinformation

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, announced Monday that Russian state media sites RT and Sputnik had been prohibited across the European Union. According to Meta spokesperson Andy Stone, the move means that the RT and Sputnik profiles on Facebook and Instagram are no longer viewable in the EU.

“We have received requests from a number of Governments and the EU to take additional actions in respect to Russian state-controlled media,” said Nick Clegg, the company’s newly-named president of global affairs, on Twitter on Monday. “We will be blocking access to RT and Sputnik across the EU at this time due to the unusual nature of the current situation.”

This is the most recent update made by Meta in reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Clegg said on Sunday that the business has curtailed access to “many accounts” in Ukraine, including “several Russian official media companies.” The move launched on Monday is more comprehensive, barring access to two key outlets throughout the EU.

In addition, the business has barred Russian state media from advertising on the site and has taken down a Russian disinformation network that spreads false information about the invasion. Russia, on the other hand, has partially barred Facebook access, and Clegg warned on Sunday that Russia is “throttling” its platform. Twitter has also been prohibited in Russia.

Joe Wallace
Joe Wallace
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