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Holistic Wellness – The Secret to Treating Diabetes, Hypertension, and More?

One of the most essential lessons we’ve learned in our fight against Covid is to never take our health for granted. Focusing on our physical and mental health is no longer optional; it is something we must continually strive towards.

Many people have realized that health and fitness are founded on much more than taking treatment for short-term outcomes since the initial wave, as we attempted numerous hacks and strategies to increase immunity. Consider all of the government recommendations and numerous social media posts by nutritionists and wellness experts emphasizing a comprehensive and sustainable way of life — from immunity-boosting meals to exercise — to avoid disease.

Experts are increasingly in agreement about how holistic wellness can assist manage or cure chronic illnesses, especially in the face of the pandemic. This entails making changes to your nutrition, exercising, sleeping properly, caring for your mental health, and so on, all in the pursuit of a balanced and, thus, healthy lifestyle.


Tackling Chromic Illness at The Roots

In recent years, chronic illnesses have become more prevalent. According to a study published in the journal Preventive Medicine in 2019, one out of every three adolescents worldwide is at risk of diseases such as diabetes and cancer as a result of a poor diet and lack of physical activity. A study published in the journal Diabetologia in 2020 indicated that over two-thirds of men and nearly half of women in their 20s in India are at risk of developing diabetes during their lifetime.

Heart illnesses have also claimed more lives than ever in recent years, according to WHO’s 2019 Global Health Estimates, with an increase of more than two million deaths since 2000.

According to Dr. Chauhan, the best method to battle such disorders is to address them at their source, which is exactly what holistic wellness strives to achieve.

“For example, when a person with migraine seeks holistic treatment from an Ayurvedic doctor, rather than prescribing only medicines, the doctor will examine all of the potential factors that may be causing the person’s migraine headache, including other health conditions, diet and sleep habits, stress, and gut health. The treatment strategy would include individualized medications to treat the condition at its source, as well as dietary and lifestyle changes to help avoid headaches and enhance overall quality of life.”


Holistic Wellness Boom in India

When it comes to holistic wellbeing, Dr. Chauhan says he’s witnessed a “paradigm shift” in Indians, particularly those between the ages of 20 and 50. “To maintain a healthy lifestyle, people are eating mindfully, engaging in physical activity, and sleeping on time. The government is also launching initiatives to encourage India’s wellness industry.”

However, Khanna points out that the wellness industry’s “ever-increasing demand” is supplied with a “very unstructured supply.” “There is no one-stop shop for all wellness options tailored to a person’s specific needs. That is why she says she wants to develop a platform that will provide yoga, meditation, nutrition, counselling, supplements, Ayurveda, and other services to aid individuals.

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