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Instagram is Working to Fix Repeating Stories Bug

Instagram is Working to Fix Repeating Stories Bug
Source: Verge

For some users, Instagram Tales appears to be acting up, requiring them to re-view all of a user’s stories before being able to see new ones. Since yesterday, numerous members of the media have been impacted, and several Reddit users have stated that the same thing is happening to them.

In an email to the media, Meta representative Christine Pai said the business is “aware that some customers are having problems accessing Instagram Stories.” Pai apologized for the disruption and stated that Instagram is “trying to bring everything back to normal as fast as possible.”

The source of the problem appears to be that Instagram forgets where you left off while viewing someone’s story. For example, if one of my friends has five stories and I look at four of them before swiping away, I should see their fifth story the next time I tap on their symbol. Instead, each time I want to see the story, Instagram forces me to go back through the four I’ve previously viewed. When someone adds a new story to their feed, the issue occurs as well.

The exact number of people that are affected is presently unknown. Many people are saying that they have to replay stories on Twitter, but Instagram isn’t trending the way I’d expect it to if a key function was broken for everyone.