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iPhones Are Slated to Release Contactless Payment Features Soon

According to a Bloomberg article, small companies may soon be able to collect payments using iPhones instead than Square-style supplementary gear. Since Apple purchased contactless payment firm Mobeewave in 2020, the functionality has been rumored, and Bloomberg now claims it will be available “in the coming months” via a software update.

Mobeewave previously collaborated with Samsung on NFC capabilities, trialing a system named Samsung POS in the startup’s native nation of Canada before offering it globally in 2019. Samsung POS allows contactless cards and NFC payment systems like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay to be used to make payments directly on Samsung phones.

According to Bloomberg, it’s unclear whether Mobeewave’s technology would be branded as part of Apple Pay, or whether Apple will begin with an existing partner or utilize its own payment network. Since the acquisition, Mobeewave’s employees have apparently been working in Apple’s payment business.

Today, Apple released iOS 15.3, which was more of a bug repair than a feature-driven point release. According to Bloomberg, Apple is scheduled to release the first iOS 15.4 beta shortly, which might be when we see the contactless payment capability for the first time.

Joe Wallace
Joe Wallace
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