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iQoo 8 and iQoo 8 Pro Set to Launch in India September 2021

The iQoo 8 is expected to be released in India next month. The iQoo 8 series, which comprises the iQoo 8 and iQoo 8 Pro, was released in China last week, and a variant of the iQoo 8 was discovered in an IMEI database listing that was thought to be an Indian model at the time. It appears that the series is nearing its Indian premiere.

In addition, a brief video has been released demonstrating the iQoo 8 Pro’s large-scale ultrasonic fingerprint, which allows for a significantly broader fingerprint scanning area.

Last week, Vivo’s sub-brand iQoo debuted the iQoo 8 series in China as its newest flagship offering. They are the successors to the iQoo 7 series, which debuted in January and was released in India in April.

However, it appears that the iQoo 8 series will not be released in India for another three months, since a well-known tipster has predicted that iQoo 8 will be released next month, likely in mid-September. However, because the tipster specifies iQoo 8 rather than the iQoo 8 series, the Pro variant could arrive later.

The Snapdragon 888 SoC powers the iQoo 8, whereas the Snapdragon 888+ SoC powers the iQoo 8 Pro. The Pro model comes with a larger, higher-resolution display, a better camera system, a larger battery, and support for quick wireless charging, among other features.

In addition, the in-display fingerprint scanner on the iQoo 8 Pro is significantly larger than that on the iQoo 8, as well as all other phones featuring in-display fingerprint scanners. It is 578mm square and can record two fingers at the same time for further security.

The high-end iQoo 8 Pro appears to be the first phone to offer such a huge fingerprint sensor, and this technology will most certainly appear in future phones, making them more ergonomic to use. Furthermore, the iQoo 8 and iQoo 8 Pro offer a robust firmware that will keep your phone running smoothly for years to come.

Excited To Get Your Hands on the iQoo 8 and iQoo 8 Pro?

Do you find yourself excited to get your hands on the iQoo 8 and iQoo 8 Pro? We don’t blame you! With an incredible list of specs, many revolutionary technologies under the hood, and a price point to die for, it’s no surprise that the release of the iQoo 8 and iQoo 8 Pro is getting people excited.

When it comes to the oversaturated Smart Phone market, it is often hard for newer releases to fully cement themselves in a lasting fashion. With juggernauts such as Apple and Samsung sitting as industry leaders, competitors struggle to keep up.

Yet, unlike anything Apple or Samsung can offer, Vivo have manages to provide a high tech, but low price alternative to the industry leaders. Employing many neat features that will not only enhance your personal security, but provide incredible usability.

Are you excited to get your hands on the iQoo8 and iQoo8 Pro? Let us know down below!



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