Home Business Jetstar apologises to stranded passengers in Bali

Jetstar apologises to stranded passengers in Bali

Jetstar apologises to stranded passengers in Bali

About 4,000 customers who were left stranded in Bali over the course of the previous week due to aircraft disruptions have received condolences from Jetstar.

Since September 1st, the low-cost carrier reported canceling eight roundtrip flights from Denpasar to Sydney and Melbourne.

Social media has been flooded with complaints from irate travelers about having to make last-minute arrangements.

180 passengers, according to Jetstar, are still delayed in Bali.

Most of the affected passengers, according to the carrier, which is operated by Australia’s flag carrier Qantas, were offered accommodations.

“A lightning strike, a bird strike, damage from an object on the runway, and difficulty locating a particular spare component for one of our aircraft are just a few of the unfortunate problems that have affected our Boeing 787 fleet. Road freight must transport the component across the US “Jeremy Schmidt, the chief pilot for Jetstar, made a statement.

More than 300 passengers will travel on two special flights on Tuesday from Denpasar to Melbourne, according to the airline. In addition, there will be three further scheduled flights from Denpasar to Sydney and Melbourne.

Since Australia’s borders were reopened in February, Qantas has experienced flight disruptions and misplaced baggage. According to Qantas, their underlying loss before tax increased from the prior year to A$1.86 billion ($1.3 billion; £1.1 billion) in the year to the end of June.

“The pace and size of that comeback has been amazing,” said Alan Joyce, the company’s chief executive.

While the whole industry has been dealing with sick leave and labor shortages over the previous three months, Mr. Joyce said, “Our personnel have done a great job throughout the restart and our clients have been tremendously patient.”

To address a severe manpower shortage, the airline ordered top executives to serve as luggage handlers for three months last month.