Home News Johnny Depp Testifies Disturbing Details About Amber Heard Attacking Him

Johnny Depp Testifies Disturbing Details About Amber Heard Attacking Him

Johnny Depp Testifies Disturbing Details About Amber Heard Attacking Him
Source: Vulture

During his court evidence on Wednesday, actor Johnny Depp sneered at the concept that his many quarrels with ex-wife Amber Heard would ever lead to him hitting her, insisting on cross-examination that her charges destroyed his career.

“Violence isn’t required,” Depp said on his second day of evidence in his libel case against Heard. “What makes you think you’d attack someone to get them to agree with you?”

Heard has accused Depp of abusing her physically and sexually on several occasions both before and during their brief marriage. After Heard, who is also an actor, made an oblique reference to those allegations in an op-ed article she wrote for The Washington Post, the former “Pirates of the Caribbean” star sued.

Depp responded to Heard’s allegations in depth on Wednesday. Heard claims the first time she was attacked was when Depp hit her in 2013 because she made fun of a tattoo he got while he was dating actress Winona Ryder, which he changed to “Wino Forever” after they broke up.

The claimed attack, he maintained, “didn’t happen.” “What makes you think I’d be offended if someone made fun of a tattoo on my body?” “I’ve never understood that allegation.”

He went on to discuss an alleged attack on a private jet travel from Boston to Los Angeles in 2014. Depp allegedly went blackout drunk and abused her on the aircraft journey, according to Heard.

Depp claimed that to evade her badgering, he took two oxycodone pills — an opioid to which he admits he was hooked at the time — locked himself in the aircraft lavatory and fell asleep.

As he boarded the plane, Depp said that he drank merely a glass of Champagne. Depp texted his pal, actor Paul Bettany, and mentioned consuming half a bottle of whiskey, “a thousand Red Bull vodkas,” and two bottles of Champagne before the trip, according to evidence shown at a similar trial in England when Depp sued a British tabloid – a lawsuit he lost.

Depp also spoke of a violent altercation in Australia in 2015, shortly after they married, in which the tip of his middle finger was severed. Heard was furious, according to him, because Depp’s attorneys had urged her to sign a post-nuptial agreement.

He said she tossed two vodka bottles at him, the second of which burst where he had placed his hand on a basement bar, cutting the finger and exposing bone.

“I’ve never experienced a nervous breakdown, but that’s probably the closest I’ve ever come,” he remarked.

Depp claimed he began writing on the walls in his own blood, recounting falsehoods he had caught Heard telling.

Depp admitted to medical physicians that he had hurt himself, and contemporaneous text messages entered as evidence also mention Depp’s injury. To protect her, Depp said that he lied about the source of the injuries. Heard’s attorneys claim that the laws of physics contradict Depp’s narrative, and that they will present proof to back up their claim.

Depp reportedly described a gruesome last confrontation as the couple was on the verge of divorce, accusing Heard and her pals of feigning assault on her. Heard filed for a restraining order shortly after and was seen with marks on her face.

He testified that Heard was on the phone with a friend when he yelled, “Stop hitting me, Johnny!” despite the fact that he was standing far away from her.

The brawl began when Depp stated that he had concluded it was time for the pair to part ways. According to him, the dispute heated up when Depp accused her of dumping human feces on his side of the bed in the apartment they shared. He claims Heard continued denying it and blamed it on their tiny dogs, but he believes she was lying.

On the set of the 2011 film “The Rum Diary,” Depp met Heard. They married in 2015, and a year later, she filed for divorce.

Depp said that things in his marriage began to alter when he realized he was “suddenly simply incorrect about everything” in Heard’s eyes.

According to Depp, Heard would regularly hit or shove him, or his wife would hurl a television remote control or a glass of wine at his face.

“There were moments when I’d just lock myself in the bathroom or somewhere else where she couldn’t find me,” Depp remarked.

Depp admitted that he used narcotics and drank alcohol to cope with Heard’s abuse, and that she, too, was a heavy drinker. Depp said that he tried to preserve the relationship by quitting drinking, but Heard refused.

Depp sued Heard after she referred to herself as a “public figure symbolizing domestic abuse” in a 2018 op-ed piece in The Washington Post.

Depp’s attorneys argued it was an obvious allusion to charges Heard made in 2016 when she obtained a restraining order against him, but she never identified him by name.

According to Depp, the allegations and the story led to his unfairly tarnished reputation, which turned him into a Hollywood pariah and lost him a role in the lucrative “Pirates of the Caribbean” film franchise.

He said he was fired from the franchise mere days after the article appeared in the Post. Heard’s lawyer cited proof that Disney took that choice months before the piece was published during cross-examination.

The piece is true, according to Heard’s lawyers, and does not disparage him. Depp’s tarnished reputation, according to some, stems from his own terrible behavior.

Depp was only briefly cross-examined at the conclusion of the day on Wednesday. On Thursday, the cross-examination will resume.