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Man In Vietnam Faces Five Years In Prison For Spreading COVID

For breaking Covid-19 guidelines and distributing the virus, a Vietnamese man was sentenced to five years in prison.

Le Van Tri was found guilty of “transmitting deadly contagious illnesses” to eight persons, one of whom died as a result of his actions.

Until recently, Vietnam has mostly succeeded in keeping Covid out of the country by imposing severe limitations.

However, since June, infections have been on the rise, thanks to an outbreak fueled by the more infectious Delta strain.

More than 530,000 cases have been reported in the country, with more than 13,300 deaths, many of which have happened in the previous few months.

Many of these instances have been discovered in the city of Ho Chi Minh.

Tri, 28, is said to have traveled by motorcycle from Ho Chi Minh City to his native province of Ca Mau in the south of the country in early July.

Tri was discovered to have misled on a health declaration form concerning his recent travel history, as well as failing to follow isolation regulations, at Ca Mau.

Local officials had made it necessary at the time for anybody traveling into Ca Mau from neighboring provinces to immediately isolate themselves for 21 days.

Tri subsequently tested positive for Covid, and it was discovered that he had passed the infection on several members of his family and employees at a welfare center where he had gone.

Tri was sentenced to prison after a one-day trial and was fined $880 (£630) in addition to his penalties.



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