Home Sport Manny Pacquiao loses a unanimous decision against Yordenis Ugás

Manny Pacquiao loses a unanimous decision against Yordenis Ugás

Manny Pacquiao loses a unanimous decision against Yordenis Ugás

Manny Pacquiao loses a unanimous decision against Yordenis Ugás, who retained the WBA welterweight title. The 26-year professional boxing career of world champion may end after he loses his battle with the Ugas on Saturday night. Manny looked every bit of 42 years old, a 73 fight veteran over two decades in the ring. Manny Pacquiao is a guy who delivers shots from all angles, dizzying speed, sliding to the left, sliding to the right, tonight Manny Pacquiao attacking in straight lines, and Ugas saw every single shot that’s the characteristic of manny Pacquiao darting in and out. Pacquiao also told the Filipino press that he started to feel cramping in his legs in the fourth round.

“I think it was too much hard work,” Pacquiao said. “But I’m not young anymore. So I don’t know.”

We’ve seen guys wilt under the pressure of facing manny Pacquiao in the past. All credit to Ugas. He rose to the occasion 11 days notice. It was amazing when he did double jab and then right hand to the body over and over again, which is simple but very effective.

Under pressure, Ugás had a clear strategy and worked hard in the early rounds with a jab and body blows. Although Pacquiao was the more aggressive fighter, Ugás’ rangy jab kept him at bay.

In the middle rounds, Ugás’ confidence began to grow, and he replied to some action at the seventh-round bell by shaking his shoulders in Pacquiao’s direction. Despite throwing more punches than Ugás, Pacquiao and Ugás landed nearly the same number of strikes.

It was Pacquiao’s combination that knocked Ugás back in the 10th round, but Ugás rallied with massive blows. He continued to attack Pacquiao until the last bell in the 12th round.

Spence had to step out of the battle because he had a torn retina, which caused him to miss his scheduled fight with Ugás, which brings Ugás into the spotlight. After being booked for a battle on the undercard, Ugás took advantage of an opportunity that had eluded him since his departure from Cuba on an overcrowded boat destined for Mexico in 2009. This is the biggest victory in Cuban history, as Cubans haven’t been fighting as professionals for really that long. It was a really heartbreaking moment for Cubans when Guillermo Rigandao lost against Lomachenko.

Pacquiao, who was visibly dissatisfied, said he hasn’t decided if he’ll fight again following a lackluster effort in his return from the longest layoff of his 26-year career. He also refused to declare whether he will run in the Philippines’ presidential election, as is widely predicted. There will be an announcement next month, according to him.

“In the future, you may not see Manny Pacquiao again to fight in the ring,” Pacquiao said. “I don’t know, but I’m so happy for what I’ve accomplished.”

Pacquiao had won three consecutive bouts since July 2017 but had not competed since defeating Keith Thurman to claim the WBA welterweight belt in 2019.


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