Home Technology Microsoft PowerToys Gets a Range of Updates for Windows 11

Microsoft PowerToys Gets a Range of Updates for Windows 11

Microsoft PowerToys Gets a Range of Updates for Windows 11
Source: GitHub

Microsoft’s PowerToys for Windows have been updated to include new UI improvements for Windows 11, a universal video conference mute, and a locate my mouse function. PowerToys has been steadily improving in the lead up to the release of Windows 11, with a new settings interface that matches the OS and now adjustments to its PowerRename function that better fit the OS’s design enhancements.

PowerRename, a feature that makes it easier to rename files, no longer has the Windows 7-style dialog box. PowerRename has been upgraded by Microsoft with a more contemporary UI and more choices for renaming files in bulk.

With this 0.49 version upgrade, PowerToys gets two new features in addition to the design modifications. With this version, Video Conference Mute makes its debut, allowing you to mute your microphone or turn off your webcam on a worldwide basis across Windows 10 and Windows 11.

You may assign a keyboard shortcut to Video Conference Mute and choose which cameras and microphone to mute. When a webcam or microphone is used, there’s even a toolbar that displays. Microsoft had planned to ship Windows 11 with its own global microphone mute button, but it didn’t make the cut, though it is expected to arrive in the future.

The second new function is Find My Mouse, which, as its name suggests, assists you in locating your mouse pointer. For years, Windows has had built-in support for detecting a cursor, but this is a far superior version. Simply press CTRL twice on your keyboard, and your screen will darken to highlight your pointer with a spotlight. While you won’t need this on a laptop, it will come in handy if you’re dealing with huge, high-resolution screens.

Both of the new PowerToys functionalities are available in Microsoft’s PowerToys GitHub’s recent 0.49 version. A tool to keep your PC awake, FancyZones to improve layouts and multitasking, and a PowerToys Run launcher are among the additional features included in PowerToys.