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Minecraft Bans In-Game NFTs to Discourage Profiteering

Minecraft Bans In-Game NFTs to Discourage Profiteering
Source: Minecraft

Mojang Studios, the company that created Minecraft, is strongly opposed to NFTs. The Microsoft-owned company stated that “integrations of NFTs with Minecraft are typically not something we will accept or enable” in a blog post titled “Minecraft and NFTs.”

Blockchain technologies are not allowed to be included within our client and server apps, nor may Minecraft in-game content like worlds, skins, character goods, or other mods be used by blockchain technology to produce a rare digital asset, according to a statement from Mojang.

Some businesses have produced “NFT implementations that are related with Minecraft world files and skin packs,” according to Mojang. According to the company, NFTs could hypothetically be “collectible” in Minecraft or users might get them by doing tasks in-game on a server or through other means.

According to Mojang, these actions promote digital scarcity and exclusion, which are at odds with Minecraft’s core principles. The studio said that NFTs “do not encompass all of our community and create a situation of the haves and the have-nots.” The speculative character of NFTs, according to Mojang, “encourages profiteering.”

You should read the blog article in its entirety since it sets out a lot of concerns of NFTs and blockchain projects in an accessible manner. (I probably should have added a lot more quotations.)

Much of the gaming community has resoundingly rejected NFTs, with Ubisoft ceasing to produce NFTs for Ghost Recon Breakpoint just a few months after announcing the program. Valve has also taken a harsh position against blockchain games and NFTs on Steam. The first blockchain game entered the Epic Games Store in June after Epic Games declared last year that it was “open” to such games.

Mojang said in their conclusion that “we have no plans of introducing blockchain technology into Minecraft right now,” even if it doesn’t totally rule out the possibility of doing so in the future.

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