Home Sport NFL & NFLPA Agree To COVID Testing Schedule

NFL & NFLPA Agree To COVID Testing Schedule

NFL & NFLPA Agree To COVID Testing Schedule
Source: NFL

The NFL and the NFL Players Association have agreed to change the COVID-19 testing frequency schedule now that the preseason is over and the regular season has begun.

Players and staff members who have been vaccinated will now be tested once a week, while those who have not been vaccinated will continue to be checked daily. Vaccinated people have been tested once every 14 days since the commencement of training camp.

Vaccinated players and personnel who test positive must stay away from the team for at least 24 hours until they produce two consecutive tests.

The NFL Players Association requested the league earlier this month to restore daily testing for all players, regardless of immunization status. This procedure, the union thought, would assist ensure that vaccinated athletes and staff members would not unintentionally spread the coronavirus.

NFL officials, on the other hand, replied with weekly testing, believing that such a timetable would properly assist clubs in identifying COVID-19 instances. The testing will take place on the first three days of each week, starting the day following the games.


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