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Nintendo Makes FCC Filing For Mystery Controller

Nintendo Makes FCC Filing For Mystery Controller
Source: Nintendolife

According to an FCC filing made by Nintendo on Thursday, the firm may be working on a new wireless controller (via Vooks). The model number for the new gadget is HAC-043, which is one model number higher than Nintendo’s wireless SNES controller from 2019.

On July 26th, Nintendo filed a 180-day request for secrecy with the FCC, which conceals additional sensitive data about the gadget, such as pictures and schematics. However, there are a few more details to give. The gadget is Bluetooth-enabled and looks to consume more power at 3.5mW than the Joy-2.7mW. Con’s The FCC label positioning, which may occasionally disclose a little more about how a gadget actually appears, also implies that whatever it is will be a deviation from Joy-single Con’s label.

Some think that the new controller will be able to emulate the controller of another ancient console, similar to how the wireless SNES controller did for the SNES. Perhaps Nintendo will eventually release a wireless N64 or GameCube controller, allowing for even more vintage gaming?

There’s also a chance that a new Pro Controller may be released in October to coincide with the OLED Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has remained tight-lipped on what Joy-Con improvements would be included with the new system, especially refusing to say whether it will address Joy-Con drift, although it’s possible that something is in the works.

In any case, considering Nintendo’s track record, the unexpected is a safe bet. The corporation does whatever it wants and gets away with it for the most part. After years of petitioning from gamers, it introduced Bluetooth audio compatibility to the Switch via a software update this week. A new controller might be as unique and fascinating as Nintendo Labo, or as mundane as a modified version of the Pro Controller.


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