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Nvidia Confirms It Is Investigating Cyberattack

Nvidia has confirmed to The Verge, Bloomberg, Reuters, and others that it is looking into a “incident” — just hours after The Telegraph reported that the graphics chipmaker had been the victim of a devastating cyberattack that “completely compromised” the company’s internal systems over the past two days.

“We’re looking into an issue.” Our commercial and business operations continue unabated. “We’re still evaluating the nature and breadth of the event and don’t have any more information to offer at this time,” Nvidia spokesperson Hector Marinez said in a statement.

Even The Telegraph’s sources aren’t claiming that Nvidia’s data has been taken or erased, and there’s no present evidence that the “event” is related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, despite the fact that cyberattacks have been part of the operation and internet infrastructure has been targeted.

Bloomberg now reports that the ransomware assault was minimal, citing a “source familiar with the issue.”

Early Saturday morning, the dark web intelligence firm DarkTracer tweeted that Lapsus$, a ransomware gang recently linked to an attack on Portugal’s largest TV channel, had claimed responsibility, leaking what it claims are Nvidia employees’ password hashes as well as indicating it has other data such as source code and information about RTX GPUs.

A later message from the group was uploaded on Twitter by Soufiane Tahiri, in which they claimed the firm tried to erase their data in a virtual machine using the VPN and device management software it utilizes. They claim to have a backup of the information they’re threatening to release. There is currently no public indication that this tragedy is connected to Russia’s incursion.

However, if a US-based corporation like Nvidia was targeted, it may result in reprisal from the US. “We’re prepared to retaliate if Russia pursues cyberattacks against our industries, our key infrastructure,” President Biden warned during his Thursday address.

Despite the fact that Nvidia’s email was supposedly knocked out by the claimed attack, we received Nvidia’s statement today from an Nvidia email account.

Nvidia also abruptly requested the press late Wednesday evening to postpone a minor announcement that was supposed to be made on Thursday, with no reason. That coincides with The Telegraph’s story that Nvidia’s systems have been hacked.

Joe Wallace
Joe Wallace
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