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OnlyFans – Policy Change U-Turn

Following considerable user outrage, OnlyFans has stated that it would postpone adjustments to its content production policy.

Last Monday, the content subscription service said that starting in October, it would restrict sexually explicit pictures and videos.

It tweeted on Wednesday that it has “delayed the scheduled policy change for 1 October.”

It is presently unknown if the delay will last indefinitely.

OnlyFans promised to “continue to provide a place for all creators” on Twitter.

The business expressed their gratitude by saying, “Thank you to everyone for making your views known.”

“We’ve gotten the guarantees we need to sustain our diverse creative community, therefore the policy change scheduled for October 1 has been postponed.

“OnlyFans is about inclusiveness, and we’ll keep providing a place for all authors.”

“The anticipated 1 October 2021 adjustments are no longer needed, thanks to banking partners’ assurances that OnlyFans can sustain all genres of artists,” it said in an email to its content producers.

OnlyFans is dedicated to giving all creators and their followers with a secure and reliable platform.”

OnlyFans creators in London were pleased at the news, but those who had already found other homes for their work may not return.

“So it’s short-term excellent news for sex workers who rely on the platform,” he told News. “And I’d want to see this as the start of increasing support, celebration, and advocacy of sex-worker rights by OnlyFans.”

“However, I believe there was enough concern to force many models to continue their migration to other sites.”

OnlyFans generates money by deducting 20% of all payments made to content producers.

During the shutdown in May of last year, the site recorded a 75 percent surge in new creators.

The Issue of Fake IDs on The Platform

Initially, investors’ concerns were cited as the basis for last week’s statement.

However, Tim Stokely, the firm’s founder, blames banks for penalizing the company for assisting sex workers.

On Tuesday, he told the Financial Times, “JPMorgan Chase is extremely active in shutting accounts of sex workers or… any firm that helps sex workers.”

However, a JPMorgan representative told news organizations that the bank has “no such policy.”

Children have used false ID to create profiles on the site, according to a BBC News investigation released in June.

OnlyFans also has to do more to prevent underage users, according to England’s children’s commissioner.

OnlyFans claimed it has terminated the accounts that had been identified and reimbursed all ongoing memberships in response to the inquiry.



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