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Pets will get relief from heat in Japan: Wearable fan making clothing company

Wearable fans are being made in Japan to give relief to pets from the heat. A Tokyo-based clothing company has teamed up with veterinary doctors to create special clothing for animals. A small and lightweight battery fan has been installed in these clothes. Which will give cool air to the animals in summer.

The price of this device has been kept at Rs 5,924 (9,900 yen in Japanese currency).

The temperature reached 35 degrees Celsius in Japan,

says Ri Uzawa, who brought the concept of this device – this year Japan is getting record breaking heat. The temperature has reached 35 degree Celsius. Our pets can’t stand the heat. Sometimes I have to put ice packs around my dog ​​to get rid of the heat. That’s why I thought that something should be made which has a fan.

Ri Uzawa said that he has now received more than 100 orders for this device. He said- People are liking it a lot. We have made this in 5 different sizes.

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