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Racist, Antisemitic Graffiti Found in Weston Leads to Three Teens Arrested

A month’s worth of racist and antisemitic graffiti was found around a Weston area, leading police to make three arrests of young people on suspicion of being responsible.

On Wednesday afternoon, Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony held a press conference to announce the arrests of the three 16-year-olds.

Tony warned the press, “This is not a funny thing.” We just can’t ignore these dangers any longer.

Tony said that the minors are being charged as adults and that two of them had their charges for hate crimes enhanced.

The Weston Hills neighborhood had at least three occurrences in October, according to authorities.

During the Yom Kippur holiday on October 5, hateful inscriptions were placed on the playground equipment at Hunters Pointe Park and near the restrooms at Weston Hills Golf Course.

On October 25th, there was a second incident in which racist and sexist graffiti were left in the golf course locker rooms.

On October 30, a swastika was spray painted on a speed limit sign, an entrance sign, and an electrical box, marking the third occurrence in this series.

The prize for information leading to an arrest was increased to $15,000.

Brian Cooper
Brian Cooper
Brian Cooper is a global reporter for TheOptic, focusing on bringing insights and developments for global and local breaking news daily. With almost seven years of experience covering topics from all over the world, Brian strives to make sure you stay up-to-date with what's going on in the world.
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