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Reports Show Twitter Working on New Features Such as Mixed-Media Tweets

According to 9to5Google, Twitter is working on a number of new capabilities, including the ability to attach pictures and videos to the same message. The list of upcoming features includes both new features such as mixed-media tweets and updates on previously announced capabilities such as Statuses.

Developer Dylan Roussel discovered Twitter Android’s mixed-media potential — you can presently attach up to four photos or one video to a single tweet, but not both a still image and a video. A request for comment from Twitter was not immediately returned.

9to5Google also discovered an option for awarding tweets. The award function shows as a gift icon next to the retweet, like, and share buttons underneath a tweet. It’s unclear whether the feature is another option for users to monetise their material or if it’s restricted to Twitter Blue, the platform’s subscription service, according to the article.

Finally, according to the source, a new field allowing users to declare their pronouns is in the works. Many Twitter users have their pronouns listed in their display name, bio, or other profile sections. Because these features are currently in beta, it’s unclear when they’ll be made public.

9to5 Google also unearthed further information concerning the Twitter Status function, which was initially discovered a few weeks ago. Images explain how to “discover” and “join” a profile’s status, which may be used to find additional accounts.

Joe Wallace
Joe Wallace
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