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Samsung Reveals New Feature That Will Hide Your Pics During a Phone Repair

It might be risky to give a repair worker access to your phone, which is loaded with sensitive images, texts, and other information. After all, some people have really experienced the awful reality of having their data exposed during the restoration procedure. Using a new privacy feature dubbed Repair Mode, the business aims to put an end to that, according to a press release that SamMobile discovered on Samsung’s Korean press website (via Ars Technica). It will allow technicians to access your phone’s internals to a limited extent. It sounds like they’ll have access to enough to do the repair but not enough to disclose your photos.

The Galaxy S21 phones in South Korea will be the first to receive this functionality. Future ambitions for the firm include adding support for other models.

You will soon be able to activate the function through the “Battery and Device Care” part of the built-in Settings app, as stated in the translated press release. Your accounts, pictures, and messages will then be hidden once the phone reboots into Repair Mode. Anyone working on your phone during the repair will be able to access just the pre-installed default apps. And you alone will be able to choose when to exit Repair Mode.

Samsung hasn’t yet specified which specific phones will enable Repair Mode or whether the feature will be available in additional locations. Samsung has been contacted by The Verge for comment. Naturally, if something needs mending, you might be able to fix it yourself when iFixit starts carrying genuine Samsung parts later this summer.

Joe Wallace
Joe Wallace
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