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Sony Fixes PlayStation Plus Subscription Pricing Error

Sony Fixes PlayStation Plus Subscription Pricing Error
Source: Sony

Sony is fixing a “technical mistake” that caused consumers to be paid a higher-than-expected amount to upgrade to one of the new PlayStation Plus levels.

When the revised subscription service launched in Asia on May 23rd, several customers reported that anyone wanting to upgrade from a discounted membership was forced to pay back what they’d saved plus the upgrade fee for a new tier.

In other words, Sony was going to obtain all of the money from consumers in order for them to take advantage of the bright new PlayStation Plus.

A similar scenario arose with PS Now subscribers who “stacked” their memberships. PS Now costs $59.99 a year and allows you to stream older PlayStation titles. The new PlayStation Plus service’s equivalent tier costs $119.99 per year. As a result, gamers were stocking up on years’ worth of membership cards at the existing pricing in the expectation of saving a ton of money when the service switched over.

Not only did Sony temporarily stop players from redeeming those cards, but it appeared that anyone who had already accumulated years of PS Now subscriptions might have had to pay the difference for all of their redeemed time — which could add up quickly if they were carrying 10 years’ worth of time, as some people appeared to be.

Sony stated that its “fuck you, pay me” pricing scenario was a technical accident, and that gamers who were overcharged were receiving reimbursements after two days of public outrage.

Those that “stacked” their PS Now memberships also received a helpful conversion chart from Sony detailing how much time they would get for all of their pre-purchased subscription cards.

In June, the redesigned PlayStation Plus service will be available in Japan, Europe, and North America.