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Sony Reports Difficulties Manufacturing PS5s due to Component Shortage

According to a Bloomberg story, Sony is having trouble producing PlayStation 5 systems and has decreased its production target for the current fiscal year. The corporation had planned to build 16 million devices between April 2021 and March 2022, but that number is now said to be about 15 million.

While this isn’t a significant decrease from Sony’s previous forecast of 14.8 million PS5 systems sold this fiscal year, it does demonstrate how limited supply will be for the foreseeable future. Sony would have been able to accomplish its objective while also acquiring additional stock for the next year if the number of 16 million units had been used.

As the globe grapples with an unprecedented chip scarcity, Sony is claimed to be suffering logistical and component supply issues. Component shipments aren’t always on schedule, according to Bloomberg, and different degrees of vaccination implementation have complicated operations at manufacturing locations.

Sony expects 22.6 million PS5 sales in the fiscal year that starts in April 2022, but its manufacturing partners believe it would be tough to achieve. To put it another way, don’t anticipate it to get much simpler to get your hands on a PS5 very soon.

Nintendo lowered its Switch sales target for the fiscal year by 1.5 million owing to a component shortfall earlier this month. Valve’s Steam Deck portable PC was recently delayed by two months due to similar issues, and will now be available in February.

Joe Wallace
Joe Wallace
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