Home Technology Sony says the PlayStation VR2 is coming in early 2023

Sony says the PlayStation VR2 is coming in early 2023

Sony says the PlayStation VR2 is coming in early 2023

According to tweets and Instagram postings from Sony, the PlayStation VR2 headset will launch “early 2023.” Over the last several months, Sony has been dribbling out details regarding the impending headset, and now we at least have a timeline for when we may anticipate receiving the gear.

Although the business revealed the headset’s design in more detail earlier this year, it has yet to provide a pricing. However, it makes a lot of promises for the PlayStation VR2: it will have displays with a combined 4K resolution, be able to run at 90 or 120 Hz, have a 110-degree field of view, and use foveated rendering, which makes some parts of the image appear sharper than others in order to facilitate computing (or, in this case, the PlayStation 5). The business also claims that a single USB C connection is used to connect the headset to your console.

When it opens, Sony will offer a selection of roughly 20 “big” titles, according to previous statements. The titles include VR adaptations of No Man’s Sky and Resident Evil Village as well as games featured in the Horizon and Walking Dead worlds.

The PS VR2 headgear does not employ a camera attached to your system to monitor your motions, in contrast to the original PlayStation VR headset. Instead, it will use inside-out tracking, similar to the Quest 2, in which the motion is tracked by cameras built into the headgear. As a result, you will be able to view the world around you when using the PS VR2 headset. Additionally, according to Sony, the PlayStation 5 will allow you to stream yourself while playing VR games, but a PlayStation HD camera must be attached.

Additionally, Sony has shown the orb-shaped controllers, which will have adjustable triggers and haptic feedback similar to what the DualSense controller for the PS5 offers. Additionally, they will be equipped with finger-touch recognition, which detects where your thumb, index, or middle finger rests without the need for pressing.

Only the PS5 is compatible with the PS VR2. That could sound like a poor idea given how difficult it has been to get the console since its release in November 2020. The consoles no longer sell out right away once Sony sets a queue for them, and you can now purchase a package that contains Horizon Forbidden West. These are two indications that the problems may be easing. Currently, it seems probable that you could only be able to get a PS5 anytime you want by the time the headset launches. The PS5’s accessibility may just be one factor for those attempting to enter the VR gaming market, though, if Sony struggles to maintain a sufficient supply of the PS VR2.

When it is introduced, the PS VR2 could have tough competition. The high-end “Project Cambria” headgear from Meta is scheduled to launch later this year, however, like the PS VR2, its price is uncertain. (It may not be a good indicator considering Meta just increased the cost of their two-year-old entry-level Quest 2.)

The whole tech sector is still waiting for Apple to reveal its long-rumored mixed reality headgear, which is expected to cost several thousand dollars. According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the headgear might be unveiled in January 2023.