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Southwest Airlines Set To Pay For Staff To Get Jabbed

As infection rates throughout the US rise, Southwest Airlines has become the latest major US airline to try to get employees to get vaccinated.

It said that employees who were vaccinated would get a bonus, but that unvaccinated employees who had to quarantine with Covid would lose their sick pay.

It said it had nothing to do with Joe Biden’s forthcoming vaccination requirement for businesses, but it intends to follow the order.

Delta, American, and United Airlines have all recently taken similar steps.

Southwest announced in a message to employees that those who show evidence of immunization by November 15th will receive 16 hours of overtime pay.

“This timeframe allows you ample time to get both rounds of a two-series vaccination or the single-dose vaccine if you have not been vaccinated,” the airline stated.

In the next weeks, the Department of Labor will make Covid vaccinations obligatory for bigger private and federal organizations, potentially affecting up to 100 million Americans.

The Delta variety is spreading across the United States, although vaccination uptake is delayed due to skepticism in some areas.

Big companies favor the rule, but Republican lawmakers have promised to sue, claiming that the decree is illegal.

Some companies have previously implemented their own requirements or incentives, such as United Airlines, which was the first in the United States to require all employees to get vaccinated.

Delta Air Lines has announced a $200 monthly fee for unvaccinated employees registered in the company’s healthcare plan, while American Airlines has eliminated pay protections for unvaccinated employees.



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