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Spotify’s New Covid Disclaimers Receives Praise from the White House

Spotify’s New Covid Disclaimers Receives Praise from the White House
Source: The Japan Times

According to press secretary Jen Psaki, the Biden administration views Spotify’s decision to include cautionary warnings to podcasts about Covid-19 as a “good step.”

Several musicians have requested that their songs be removed from the streaming site due to the escalating controversy surrounding Joe Rogan’s program.

The White House, according to Ms. Psaki, hopes that other platforms will follow suit.

Joe Rogan has promised to work harder to provide more fair perspectives.

Ms. Psaki said the White House was heartened by Spotify’s move to include disclaimers at a press briefing on Tuesday, but said internet platforms and media outlets can do more collectively.

“Our aim is that all big digital platforms and, for that matter, all major news outlets be responsible and vigilant in ensuring that the American people have access to correct information on something as important as Covid,” she added.

Despite the fact that the disclaimers were a “good beginning,” the White House urged “every platform to continue doing more to call out falsehoods.”

Musicians like as Neil Young and Joni Mitchell have been vocal in their criticism of Mr Rogan, requesting that their music be taken down from Spotify, which they accuse of spreading Covid disinformation.

The debate was sparked by two recent episodes of Joe Rogan’s experiential podcast, which featured cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough and immunologist Dr. Robert Malone, respectively. Both stated opinions that differ from those of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States (CDC).

On Sunday, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek revealed that the new warnings will send users to a center with Covid-19 data, amidst mounting outrage.

Mr Ek said it had “became evident to me that we have a duty to do more to give balance and access to widely-accepted information from the medical and scientific communities” in a statement posted online.

He also mentioned that Spotify has set platform guidelines to discourage users from sharing potentially damaging material.

Mr Rogan denied attempting to promote misinformation, claiming that he never intended to use the podcast for anything other than “talking to people.”

In an Instagram video released on Monday, he stated, “My vow to you is that I will try my best to balance out these more contentious ideas with other people’s perspectives, so we can maybe discover a better point of view.”