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Spyware maker arrested in Australia: Jacob created spyware with access to webcam

Australia’s Brisbane police have arrested a man named Jacob Keane, who created hacking spyware that aided in domestic violence and child sex crimes. He named this spyware Remote Access Trojan ‘Rate’. Criminals can use it to access any computer.

The specialty of ‘Rate’ is that when it is installed on any computer, criminals can easily steal the personal information of the users from it. Can also access their webcam and microphone. Along with this, you can also see what the user is writing in his mail and document.

The spyware accused who was made at the age of 15 lives with his mother. He made this tool at the age of 15. He first sold it on hacking forum for $ 35. Since then it has sold this spyware to more than 14 thousand people in 128 countries. Selling it earned him Rs 3.2 crore.

85 warrants issued for global investigation.

Australian Police Federation said in a report on Saturday that 201 people in Australia have purchased the spyware. According to him, 44 crimes have been reported in Australia using this spyware. Jacob is suspected of being involved in six offences. His mother has also been arrested. More than a dozen law enforcement agencies in Europe have issued 85 warrants for a global investigation into Jacob’s search. After this 434 devices were confiscated and 13 people were arrested.

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