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Taliban Government Removes Afghan Election Commissions

An official stated Sunday that the Taliban has abolished Afghanistan’s two electoral commissions as well as the state ministries of peace and parliamentary affairs.

The country’s Independent Election Commission and Electoral Complaint Commission have been abolished, according to Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesperson for Afghanistan’s Taliban-run government.

“Unnecessary institutes for the current circumstances in Afghanistan,” he said. He stated that if the commissions are needed in the future, the Taliban administration can resurrect them.

Before granting formal recognition to Afghanistan’s new authorities, the international community is waiting. They are concerned that, despite their claims to the contrary, the Taliban would establish a draconian government similar to that which existed when they were in control 20 years ago.

Both commissions were given the responsibility of overseeing and administering all sorts of elections in the country, including presidential, parliamentary, and provincial council elections.

The Taliban also disbanded the Ministry of Peace and the Ministry of Parliamentarian Affairs, according to Karimi. In the existing government structure, he claimed, these were needless ministries.

The Taliban had already closed down the old Ministry of Women’s Affairs.

Brian Cooper
Brian Cooper
Brian Cooper is a global reporter for TheOptic, focusing on bringing insights and developments for global and local breaking news daily. With almost seven years of experience covering topics from all over the world, Brian strives to make sure you stay up-to-date with what's going on in the world.
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