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Tesla is offering half-off its Full Self Driving package and more for customers in China

To entice consumers to trade in their old models for brand-new ones, Tesla has introduced a new incentives program in China (via electrek). Tesla car owners in China who choose the offer between now and September 30th will receive a home charger installation discount of roughly $1,184, a discount of 50% on the Full Self Driving function, and credits for 15,000km (9,320.57 miles) of Supercharging.

The “Ownership Loyalty Program,” which charges the Full Self Driving package in the offer at CNY32,000 (or around $4,741 USD) for cars that already have at least the Enhanced Autopilot package, was announced by Tesla fan Ray4Tesla last month. It might seem like a good deal to buy FSD for less than half the amount it is now being sold for in the US ($12,00), but keep in mind that the standard cost of the then-mostly-dormant feature in 2019 was $5,000. In contrast to the Chinese market, the current FSD beta in the US allows for autosteering in populated areas.

Benefits like Supercharger credits, which allow Tesla roadtrippers to use the company’s massive fast-charging network for free, were obtained through a long-running vehicle referral scheme that was stopped, then revived, and then once again cancelled. The program offered greater rewards for numerous referrals, including rare 20-inch “Zero-G” sport wheels, limited-edition Elon Musk “signature” home chargers, and even draws for free vehicles.

The reward plan appears to be intended to increase Tesla owners’ loyalty in China. Due to China’s stringent COVID regulations, Tesla has been experiencing a parts scarcity there, and its Shanghai facility has had to close many times.

While Tesla dominates the market for electric vehicles in the US, Chinese EV automakers provide a far stronger challenge because they have better access to raw materials and other resources to produce vital parts like batteries. Due to the fact that many battery components now come from China, US automakers may currently miss out on prospective incentives; nevertheless, Tesla has an advantage because the majority of its parts come from North America.

Joe Wallace
Joe Wallace
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