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The Gollum Video Game Will No Longer Launch With Amazon’s LOTR Show

The release of the computer game The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, in which you take on the role of the titular jewelry enthusiast, has been postponed until September 1st. The game’s creators, Daedalic Entertainment, said on Twitter that it will be released “a few months” later, with the precise date to be announced soon.

Games are frequently delayed these days, but because of this, the Gollum game won’t debut on September 2 with the premiere of Amazon’s Prime Video series The Rings of Power. Even if the show takes place long before Sméagol ever had the Ring, it’s simple to picture the game benefiting a little bit if it debuted the day before a big-budget program from the same franchise.

Giving developers, QA, and everyone else involved the time they need to complete their tasks is still more crucial than meeting a certain delivery date. The first season of The Rings of Power will have eight episodes and will air once a week, so if Daedalic can release the game at the correct moment, it may even coincide with the conclusion of the television series. The Lord of the Rings may spend a few weeks or months back in the public mind if the program is successful (which you’d expect it would be considering that Amazon spent an absurd amount of money on it), which Gollum could take advantage of.

The game is planned to release for the Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, and Series S/X as well as the PlayStation 4 and 5. The Switch version was initially scheduled to release a little later than the others. The Verge asked Daedalic whether the delay would prevent the Switch version from debuting alongside the others or whether it would still be coming out a few months later. Daedalic didn’t respond right away.

You might want to see the trailer that was published earlier this month if you’re excited to play as Gollum.

Joe Wallace
Joe Wallace
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