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The Google Home App Gets A Full Redesign

The Google Home App Gets A Full Redesign
Source: Wccftech

According to 9to5Google, the Google Home app is receiving a new look that should make it a lot more straightforward. The next 2.49 version will allow you to control all of your devices from a single screen, similar to the device control panel on phones running Android 11 or above.

According to the release notes for the update on the App Store, Google is expecting to make the app a lot more user-friendly than it is currently, claiming that it would let you “easily discover what you’re searching for, lower your compatible lights, and alter the music level in a flash.” You’ll be able to tap on a device to turn it on or off, slide left or right on certain parts, such as lights or speakers, to modify brightness and volume, and long press on a device to view more choices.

The last significant design change to Google Home was in 2018 — and it later included controls to modify the color of your lights — but it has essentially remained the same since then. As a result, we now have a clumsy interface that requires us to tap into each device individually to make modifications (although there are still some single-tap controls like turning things on or off).

The revamp will take place “in the coming weeks,” according to Google, and owning the most recent version of the app on iOS or Android may not be enough to view the changes. Some users, such as Mishaal Rahman, the former editor in chief of XDA-Developers, have successfully sideloaded the version and accessed the new settings on Android.