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Tourism Spending Plunges in China Due to Strict Covid Lockdowns

Tourism Spending Plunges in China Due to Strict Covid Lockdowns
Source: Daily China

As the world’s second largest economy faces an outbreak of diseases, tourism spending in China plummeted over this week’s Qingming festival.

Official numbers reveal that tourists spent more than 30% less during the major three-day vacation than they did at the same period last year.

It comes as China’s travel restrictions remain in place, with Shanghai and other cities being shut down.

To date, Shanghai has become the largest metropolis to be placed under lockdown.

The Qingming holiday, also known as Tomb Sweeping Day, is a time when people pay their respects to the graves of family and friends.

This typically entails individuals traveling from their homes to different areas of China, which might enhance consumer spending.

This year’s festival took place from Sunday, April 3 through Tuesday, April 5.

According to China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, local tourists spent 18.78 billion yuan ($2.95 billion; £2.26 billion) over three days. This was a 30.9 percent decrease from the previous year.

The ministry also stated that 75.4 million domestic journeys were made throughout the festival, a decrease of more than 26% over the same period previous year.

Following a new wave of Covid cases, Chinese authorities have expanded the lockdown of Shanghai to include the whole city.

On Wednesday, Shanghai recorded 19,982 new infections, a new daily high. However, by certain international standards, the figures are low.

For more than a month, the vital financial and manufacturing centre has been fighting a fresh wave of coronavirus infections.

Major corporations, like Volkswagen (VW) of Germany, have reduced their presence in Shanghai.

Last week, the automaker temporarily shut down its production in the Chinese city, citing supply problems.

Production has been halted since then, and the factory has remained shuttered.

“We will continue to monitor the situation day by day, just as we did before the Qingming holiday,” a VW representative stated.