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Toyota Hilux For Sale, Release, Review, Specs, Price Point

The Toyota Hilux is one of the longest-running, and most successful, car lineups in existence. It is undoubtedly the easiest to recognize, when it comes to Toyota’s brand, and has been a significant success all over the world.

The Toyota Hilux has been so successful that it was even used by the US military as a logistic vehicle. This fact is attributed to its incredible, and robust design, coupled with its unrivaled reliability on rough terrain.

It is, however, also a fantastic workhorse of a vehicle that will be right at home on city streets. Despite its rugged design, this is where the Hilux sees most of its real-world use.

Toyota has recently announced its 2022 model for the Toyota Hilux, which will be released in India and the rest of the world in just a few months.
Today we’ll explore the 2022 Toyota Hilux, its price point, its mechanical specs, and see how this legendary rugged champion of the roads is stacking up against the competition.

2022 Toyota Hilux – What Has Changed?

With so many models of the Toyota Hilux, released every year, it’s important that we first explore what the 2022 model of the Hilux offers. Compared to its predecessors, the 2022 Toyota Hilux makes leaps forward in two key areas.

The first of these is fuel economy. The Toyota Hilux has never been considered a fuel-efficient car, and that’s for good reason. The Hilux excels at being able to carry large loads around and navigate rough terrain.

However, Toyota has promised that the 2022 Toyota Hilux will provide significantly better fuel economy by almost 15%, compared to previous models. Although it’s important to note, that this won’t make it an overwhelmingly efficient car when it comes time to fill it up.

Secondly, the Toyota Hilux takes advantage of several advancements in engine technology. Compared to the 2020 and 2019 models, the 2022 Toyota Hilux will see significantly better performance on rough terrain, as well as improved heavy load stabilization.

2022 Toyota Hilux – India Release Date

The Indian market has always been one of the last to receive Toyota’s new models, usually by a few months at a time. Yet, this year marks a stark change in policy for Toyota.

The 2022 Toyota Hilux will release in India at the end of March 2022, according to a recent announcement by Toyota themselves.
Dealerships around India are already taking pre-orders for the new Hilux, and due to the high popularity of the model, you’ll likely need to put in a pre-order to get your hands on the first batch available in the country.

Covid logistical problems are still plaguing the world, and the continued supply of the Toyota Hilux 2022 model may be affected. However, in a recent statement, Toyota has stated that they have prepared for this, and shouldn’t impact consumers.

Toyota Hilux – Expected Price Point

When it comes to the 2022 Toyota Hilux, as well as any other Hilux model, it’s important to note that there are many added features and packages that come alongside it. This has been a standard for the Hilux lineup for decades now.

However, we can provide an estimate for the base package of the 2022 Toyota Hilux. Toyota has stated that the price will be between Rs 25 Lakh to Rs 30 Lakh, or $22,000USD. The highest 2022 Toyota Hilux model is expected to be roughly Rs 60 Lakh.

It’s important to note, this price is likely to be slightly higher for release models in many dealerships. However, the price is expected to be within 10% of this estimate. Make sure to research other dealerships if you’re planning to make a pre-order.

Toyota Hilux – Mechanical Specifications Review

Let’s break down the expected mechanical specifications of the 2022 Toyota Hilux, so you can compare it to your previous Hilux model, or your current vehicle.


Overall height 1865mm
Overall length 5325mm
Overall width 1855mm
Ground clearance unladen 216mm
Wheelbase 3085mm
Kerb weight 2110kg
Turning circle 11.8m
Rear track 1550mm
Front track 1535mm
Gross trailer weight braked 3500kg


Engine & Brakes

Injection/Carburation Nill
Engine Capacity 2753cc
Number of cylinders DT4
Fuel type Diesel
Fuel tank capacity 80L
Fuel consumption 8.4L/100km (combined)
Maximum torque 500Nm
Maximum power 150kW
Front brakes Disc-Ventilated
Rear brakes Drum

Wheel & Rims

Front Wheel Size 265×60 R18
Front rim size Depends on Model
Rear Wheel Size 265×60 R18
Rear rim size Depends on Model


2022 Toyota Hilux – Does It Still Beat the Competition?

There are many different ways to compare the 2022 Toyota Hilux to other vehicles on the road today. However, let’s focus on the main selling point of the Hilux brand, its effectiveness on rough roads, and as a workhorse vehicle.

For the price point, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more reliable, and easily repaired, car than the 2022 Toyota Hilux. It has stood the test of time and continues to be significantly better than any other car veering to pull out ahead.

For fuel economy, compared to many hybrid and EV models on the market, the Toyota Hilux struggles to stay competitive. It’s not a cheap car to run, and if cost-effective travel is the main sticking point for you, then other options will beat out the Hilux.

Overall, the Hilux continues to perform as a gold standard in workhorse and rough road navigation. Combined with the new sleek and fashionable chassis of the 2022 Toyota Hilux, it’s hard not to be impressed.

The Future of The Toyota Hilux Is Just Around the Corner

The future of the Toyota Hilux will reach India in mere days if it hasn’t been released already. With a global release of this magnitude, it’s hard not to get excited about what the future of the Hilux brand has to offer.

If you’re looking to replace your old workhorse or rough road vehicle, and need an improvement that will stay with you for decades, then you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option than the 2022 Toyota Hilux.

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