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Trump’s Truth Social barred from Google Play

Trump’s Truth Social barred from Google Play

Google Play has blocked former US President Donald Trump’s social networking website.

According to Google, the site is in violation of its rules against posting anything that makes physical threats or incites violence.

Android users will find it challenging to download the app as a result of the change.

Truth Social’s CEO Devin Nunes has previously referred to Google as a “monopoly.”

In spite of several issues, Truth Social debuted in February on the Apple App Store.

However, Google Play, where the great majority of applications are downloaded on Android smartphones, does not include the app.

The CEO of Truth Social said last week that it was “up to the Google Play Store” to decide if the app will be made accessible.

However, Google claims that it is up to Truth Social to follow its guidelines.

Google warned Truth Social of many infractions of normal norms on August 19, a spokesman for the company told the BBC.

For any app to launch on Google Play, “having efficient methods for regulating user-generated material is a prerequisite of our terms of service,” they noted.

Google claims to have given Truth Social suggestions on how to address the issues. The BBC’s request for feedback was not met with a response from Truth Social.

Many people refer to Truth Social as a “free speech” platform.

However, Apple and Google must approve the software before it can be downloaded on the overwhelming majority of phones in use worldwide.

Truth Social is far from being a place of unrestricted free expression; in fact, the platform places several restrictions on what you are allowed to say.

In truth, Truth Social’s Terms of Service provide a comprehensive list of what may and cannot be posted.

Former President Trump uses the platform, which he developed, to post on social media. Following the brawl at the US Capitol last year, Mr. Trump was banned from Twitter and Facebook.

Truth Social, according to its detractors, has a problem with misinformation and hate speech.

47 confirmed accounts that propagated QAnon conspiracy ideas on the site, according to a report published on Monday.