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Twitter, After Instagram, Joins in With Copying TikTok’s Reaction Videos

Twitter has revealed that it is experimenting with a tool dubbed “quote tweet with reaction,” which allows you to embed a copy of a tweet into a photo or video rather than simply answering with text.

The functionality is presently being tested on iOS, according to Twitter. If you have access to the functionality, a “Quote Tweet with response” button will appear in the retweet menu. When you tap it, you’ll be sent to a page where you may capture a new photo or video to overlay the tweet over, or select one from your camera roll. One of Twitter’s product managers sent out a reaction quote tweet in response to the revelation, allowing us to see how users would respond.

The tool is comparable to TikTok’s video answers, which Instagram replicated for its Reels feature lately. Twitter has been introducing new ways to distribute tweets as well, most recently providing the option to embed a tweet in a Snapchat message or story in December 2020.

Some Twitter users, as well as The Verge team, have voiced worry that these response quote tweets may be used to abuse someone. While it’s quite simple for the platform to regulate typical quotation tweets, scanning the contents of a photo or video programmatically is more difficult. Mitigations like as opting out of photo tagging or limiting who may react to your tweets are among Twitter’s other capabilities.

However, according to Twitter spokesperson Viviana Wiewall, “currently you won’t be able to turn off who can and can’t” use the functionality on your tweets since it inherits the usual quote tweet behavior. When questioned if the function being used for harassment was a cause for worry, she said yes.

In addition, the firm said that it is testing a new design that allows you to start composing a tweet directly from the main timeline view, rather than via a button that brings you to a compose page.

Joe Wallace
Joe Wallace
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