Home Business Twitter Announces it is Building a ‘Unmentioning’ Feature

Twitter Announces it is Building a ‘Unmentioning’ Feature

Twitter Announces it is Building a ‘Unmentioning’ Feature
Source: India TV

Twitter is testing a tool called “unmentioning,” which allows users to remove themselves from chats. It’s only available to a select few individuals and is now only available on the online version, but it appears to be a really handy method to clean up your mentions.

“We’re testing Unmentioning,” the tweet continues, “a tool to help you safeguard your peace and remove yourself from conversations.” On its Twitter Safety account, the business shared a brief GIF of how the functionality would look.

On the web version of Twitter, the “leave this discussion” option will display on the menu that pops out of the corner of a tweet. (The “mute” and “embed” options are also included.) When you choose the “leave this discussion” option, a new menu appears, explaining what happens when you leave a conversation: your username is untagged, all future mentions in that chat are halted, and, probably most significantly, alerts are halted.

In February, Jane Manchun Wong, a Twitter analyst and reverse engineer, published an alleged snapshot of the “leave this chat” function. Her sleuthing turned out to be right, as it frequently does.

The ability to exit a twitter discussion that has turned hostile, is just boring, or that you didn’t want to be a part of in the first place is a welcome addition to Twitter, particularly for individuals who have been harassed on the network. It enables you to go gracefully and without fanfare.