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Twitter Announces It Will Fix Disappearing Tweet Bug

Twitter announced on its help account on Wednesday that it plans to make some adjustments that would prevent tweets from vanishing while you are viewing them.

Here’s what you may have come upon. When you were viewing a tweet on your timeline and another user you follow replied to it or the original tweeter threaded it, the app will refresh and the tweet would vanish from view. That’s obviously not ideal, so Twitter aims to address the issue within the next two months.

Twitter expressed it more simply in a tweet replying to a user: “We want you to be able to pause and read a Tweet without it vanishing from view.”

However, because of the two-month timetable, a remedy may not be available right away, so you may still encounter the problem until Twitter makes the necessary adjustments. While it’s unclear what adjustments Twitter plans to make, those who have been affected by the missing tweets may appreciate the repairs.



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