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Twitter Begins to Refine its ‘Close Friends’ Feature

Twitter Begins to Refine its ‘Close Friends’ Feature
Source: India TV

Twitter looks to be developing a feature that would allow you to share tweets with a select group of individuals (via Input). If this sounds similar, it’s because Instagram’s Close Friends feature allows you to do the same thing — but you’ll be restricting your tweets to your “Flock” on Twitter.

Last July, Twitter offered us a sneak peek at the function, which it dubbed “Trusted Friends” at the time. Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile developer, has been following Twitter’s growth since then, and it’s really starting to take form.

Paluzzi’s latest results provide some insight into how the feature could work – Twitter appears to be working on a website that provides additional information on Flock, including the fact that you can join up to 150 users. Only these users have access to watch and respond to tweets published to your Flock. If you decide you no longer want someone in your Flock, Twitter advises that you may delete them at any moment and they will not receive a notification.

Paluzzi spotted a label that may display beneath a tweet if you’re in someone’s Flock and they send out a tweet, reading: “You can see this Tweet since the author has added you to their Flock.” This should make distinguishing between close friends and everyone else you follow on Twitter much easier. Before you send a tweet to your Flock, Twitter seems to present an audience choice, allowing you to pick between all of Twitter and your chosen people.

In September, Twitter introduced invite-only Communities, a similar tool that allows you to interact with others who share your interests. You can send tweets to a select Community rather than all of your followers, much like you may confine your tweets to your Flock. It’s unknown when Twitter’s “close friends”-like function will be available to all users, but it’s hoped it won’t go the way of Fleets.

Twitter spokesperson Tatiana Britt told The Verge, “Twitter is always working on innovative methods to help people engage in healthy conversations, and we’re presently researching ways to enable users communicate more quietly.” “At this point, we don’t have any more information on the feature to provide, but we can confirm that ‘Twitter Flock’ is merely a placeholder term.”