Home Business Twitter Rolls Out Tipping Feature on Android and Much More!

Twitter Rolls Out Tipping Feature on Android and Much More!

Twitter Rolls Out Tipping Feature on Android and Much More!
Source: Indus Scrolls

Twitter is expanding its tipping function to Android smartphones, allowing users to give money to their favorite content providers.

The Tip Jar feature was added to the iOS platform earlier this year, allowing producers, journalists, and organizations to monetize their tweets in the form of tips. This tool allows users to publish links to their Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, Paypal, and Venmo accounts in order to get tips from their followers. Separately, Twitter is said to be discontinuing support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on both iOS and Android.

In a tweet on November 19, Twitter announced the availability of the tipping function for Android. From the Edit Profile option, users may add the Tips symbol to their profile. Currently, only a small number of producers, journalists, and organizations are eligible to get them. The Tip Jar function was first introduced in May of this year, and it was later made available to all iOS users over the age of 18 in September.

The social-networking site is rumored to be working on a feature that would allow users to collect Bitcoin tips via the tip jar.

Separately, Twitter’s AMP rules page on its Developer website has been changed to reflect the end of AMP support. Twitter is ceasing support for this function, according to the support website, which was originally observed by SEO expert Christian Oliveira (@christian wilde).

It will be phased out by the fourth quarter of 2021. Previously, if an AMP version of a page was available, and a mobile user clicked on a link to the site, Twitter would redirect them to the AMP version of that page. Navigation will be disabled if this functionality is turned off, and visitors may be forced to access the mobile or native version of the website.