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Twitter Set To Release ‘Good’ Bot Tag

Twitter has launched a new tool that allows users to mark themselves as bots by adding a label to their profile.

According to Twitter, the upgrade was prompted by research that revealed that consumers desired more information regarding non-human accounts.

Accounts that offer immunization updates, information about seismic activity, or stuff from public museums are all examples of “good bots,” according to the firm.

It will not be necessary to relocate.

Inauthentic accounts that violate the company’s platform guidelines will continue to be removed.

Bots are frequently linked to disinformation on social media sites, and they’ve caused the firm a lot of trouble.

According to a research conducted by Carnegie Mellon University last year, over half of the Twitter accounts disseminating information about the coronavirus epidemic were likely automated accounts.

In recent years, Twitter has deleted tens of millions of suspected bot accounts.

Twitter, on the other hand, sees certain automated accounts as having a beneficial influence on the site.

Every time there is an earthquake in San Francisco, one account identified by Twitter as a “good bot” sends out live tweets.

Another tweets public domain paintings from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Drawings and Prints section.

In May, Twitter showed off the technology in an attempt to provide users additional information about how to tell the difference between automated and human-run accounts.

The business thinks that the labels will improve the validity of such accounts, as well as their audiences’ confidence and transparency.

Twitter said it was starting with a limited group of developers and will push it out to all developers by the end of the year.

However, it’s unclear how many automated accounts will take advantage of the offer, or if the owners of many of these accounts would wish to publicize the fact that they aren’t controlled by humans.



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